Frisk Kirby Theme

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You can download my theme here:

Or find it on GitHub.

Support me :)

This theme is absolutely free since it's a spare time project of mine. If you still want to support me and the further development of my theme(s), you can do this right here:

How to install

The installation process is pretty easy!
Simply download the .zip above and throw it into the root folder of your webspace.
If you already have a kirby starterkit running, delete the assets, content and site folders and replace them with the folders from this theme-package.

If you want to change the main color of this theme, simply go to the site-settings in your panel.

The theme comes with the Features-page from this demo, which shows you how to use all the different elements in Markdown and Kirbytext. Make sure to have a look at how to use these cool buttons, or the columns. ;)


This theme is free to use with your Kirby installation. However I would appreciate it if you acknowledge my work in the footer of your website. Therefor it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Please note, that you'll still have to buy a License for Kirby.


Frisk theme uses the code of two plugins to realise certain features:

Any questions left?

Don't hesitate to contact me.